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New Electronica Security System

New Electronica Security System is dedicated for Planning of future proof Solutions for betterment of day to day life as per actual requirement,then we implement that customized solutions, also we can manage that solutions with Data, Voice, Video, Switching, Routing, Structured Cabling with Catagory 6, Catagory 6A, Fiber Cabling, Surveillance, PA Systems, Emergency Alarm, Fire Alarm, Access Control Systems, UPS and Power Management, BMS, Animal Fencing Management, Auto Car Tracking, Zero Human Security, LAN, WAN, Video Conference, Wireless Zone, Point to Point Link, EPABX, and end to end Data Center. New Electronica Security System is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company with skilled and experienced manpower of 100 professionals all over India. New Electronica Security System is one of the few companies that can trigger the services encompassing the whole gamut of IT sector.

We are specialized in Data Center. We are specialized in Surveillance project.We are specialized in IP Camera and analog Camera project. We are specialized in LAN and WAN project.We are specialized in Fibre Optic networking through our group of experts , equipped with 10 sets of Fibre Optic Termination and Splicing Kits, OTDR, DTX Scanner, GPS units, Protocol Scanner and HDD machine for Micro tunneling.

Key Features

We are providing most highly secure solutions to offices, and high tech homes in Delhi and Chandigarh.

High Security

You are a target to hackers,Keep software up-to-date, Avoid Phishing scams - beware of suspicious emails and phone calls,Practice good password management,Be careful what you click,Never leave devices unattended, Safeguard Protected Data,Use mobile devices safely, Install antivirus/anti-malware protection,Back up your data. These all steps will help you to secure your devices and we are responsible to do that.

Full Device Protection

Business-class software and systems work in real-time to protect 24/7 with the latest updates and threat intelligence from around the world, including antivirus. This comprehensive digital security system prevents malware infections from viruses including ransomware and spyware. Protects from data loss, phishing, key-logging, and all other threats your technology faces every day online. And, importantly, it keeps your software updated and current, automatically, including Windows.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring systems allow you to control any machine or system from anywhere in the world. The manufacturer or integrator can monitor the operating parameters of a system installed in a place hundreds or thousands of kilometres away in real time. This allows for remote optimization and early detection of problems without the need to send a service technician on site. The security of such solutions is one of the key elements and is ensured by multi-level hardware and software protection.

Full Backup of Information

Backup and recovery policies are essential for most of operating systems. Many system managers use a layered backup schedule. Written procedures and rules are required elements of system management. Backing up files is an important system administrator task. The backup files are used for restoring system to previous state whenever system fails. Backup encryption is one of many activities that contributes to a comprehensive security strategy.